Sermons Outlines On Salvation

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The Wonders Of Calvary is a seven part series on the unusual signs and miracles that surrounded Jesus during His betrayal, arrest, trial and crucifixion. These are rarely discussed in the commentaries and few have preached about them from this perspective. The author considers the angelic visitation, the mob being thrown to the ground, the torn Temple veil, the earthquake and three other wonders. An excellent series for emphasizing the facts of the Gospel and presenting evidences in favor of Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God (PDF file size: 385k).

The Privilege of Obedience. Obedience is "driven" by two things: faith and love (I John 5:1–4). Faith settles all the questions we have about authority, necessity and purpose. Love settles all questions arising over opinion or preference. Faith and love overcome objections of boredom, weariness or burdensomeness (cf. Genesis 29:20; John 14:15, 23). We will never motivate one another or the unbeliever with continual harangues about "duty" apart from the proper motivation that must rest upon faith and love. I am persuaded that the problem men have with serving the Lord is not so much ignorance about what they must do as it is them finding in their hearts the motivation to do it. It is not that they do not know they should, it is that they aren't concerned that they don't. How shall we deal with that reality? (File size: 196k).

The Reality and Necessity of Grace. This lesson gives a good explanation of "grace," and explains that the definition of the word is more than the simple "unmerited favor" explanation given by many preachers. The lesson goes on to demonstrate the necessity of grace in our lives (File size: 56k).

The Relationship of Grace to Law. Some have erroneously argued that grace and law are mutually exclusive, i.e., if you have one you cannot have the other. This lesson gives an excellent explanation of "justification," based upon Paul's teaching in the Roman letter (File size: 56k).

Salvation by Grace. This lesson points out that numerous factors are involved in our salvation, including faith, repentance, confess, the blood of Christ, the gospel, grace and baptism. A good portion of this lesson is spent showing how the Ephesians were "saved by grace" as they obeyed the gospel that Paul had preached unto them (File size: 64k).

Reconciliation. Sin separated man from God. Alienated from Him, if man were ever going to be in fellowship with God, reconciliation would have to take place. This lesson considers reconciliation to God by examining what 2 Corinthians 5:18-21 reveals about it (File size: 48k).

The Conversion Of The Multitudes. This outline is a study of the conversions of multitudes of men and women in the early days of Christianity following the establishment of the Church on Pentecost. The numbers of converted went from a thousands, to ten thousands, to innumerable multitudes in just a short while. Why and how were so many converted? This lesson answers that question (File size: 150k).

The What And How Of Conversion. Conversion is arguably one of the most important subjects of Scripture when considered from the perspective of man’s needs. Jesus said, “Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter into the kingdom of heaven.” This sermon addresses this need in a straightforward and persuasive way intended to show men what conversion is and how it is accomplished (File size: 141k).

The Conversion Of The 5,000. The second recorded sermon of Peter which resulted in the conversion of above five thousand men, and that in the face of severe public opposition. This lesson examines the details of the conversion process and the kind of preaching that will effect conversion today (File size: 141k).

The Blood Of The Cross. This lesson explains the significance of the expression “the blood of his cross” in Colossians 1:20 and emphasizes the necessity of the death of Christ for the remission of the sins of the whole world (File size: 103k).

The Garden Tomb. The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is strong and credible. This lesson approaches that evidence from the perspective of the empty tomb challenging and answering the ridiculous theories that have been offered by unbelievers and skeptics as an explanation for the missing body of Jesus of Nazareth on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary (File size: 116k).

The Conversion Of The 3,000. This lesson is a study of Acts chapter two emphasizing the details of the conversion of the 3,000 on Pentecost. They were the very first people who ever heard the gospel and became Christians. If there are any Christians in the world today, we would expect them to emulate the "original" Christians. Thus, we study their conversion with a view to comparing them to those today that claim conversion to Christ or preach how men ought to be converted (File size: 148k).

The Believer's Assurance. We should never be reluctant to talk about being "saved" or "born again" when people obey the gospel of Christ. Just because the Pentecostals and other Charismatics do not understand conversion is no reason to fear using Bible language to discuss a Bible truth. Similarly, we tend to be over-cautious when answering our neighbors who believe in "once saved always saved" when they ask, "Are you saved?" We dig our toe in the ground and say "I hope I'm saved" as if we are talking about the weather or our favorite sports team that is in last place. Just because denominational people do not understand and abuse "salvation," I am not ready to give up scriptural terms. Neither am I ready to accept the doubts others have about my salvation because they do not understand the grace of God. For these reasons it is appropriate that we discuss the assurance that the believer has in Christ (File size: 104k).

Glorying In The Cross. What does it mean to glory in the cross? This lesson puts Galatians 6:14 in its proper context in order to make a modern application to all men in order to persuade them of their need for the salvation which is only through the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ (File size: 120k).

The Offense Of The Cross. In this sermon, Paul’s statement in Galatians 5:11 is examined. What was the offense of the cross and what was necessary to cause it to cease? Does this offense continue today, if so what is our duty in the matter? (File size: 136k).

The New Birth. This sermon shows in detail exactly what is involved in being born again by analyzing John 3:1-7 and other pertinent passages (File size: 64k).

"What Time Is It?" Since the Bible devotes a great deal of attention to the subject of time, this lesson asks the question, "What time is it?" and then looks to see how the Bible responds (File size: 52k).

Why God Gave Man The Bible. This sermon explores some of the reasons God gave man the Bible placing particular emphasis on those which pertain to man's salvation (File size: 56k).

The Message Of The Cross. This sermon, based on 1 Corinthians 1:18, answers the who, what, when and where of our Lord's death on Calvary's hill (File size: 132k).

Evidence Of Pardon. With a text of Isaiah 55:7, this sermon explains what pardon is all about and how to obtain it (File size: 52k).

Salvation By Faith. The Bible teaches that we are saved by faith, but not faith alone. What else is required? (File size: 177k).

The Conversion Of Cornelius. A Roman Centurion obeyed the gospel of Christ and left an example of obedience for us to follow (File size: 104k).