Sermon Outline Books By David Padfield

Wedding And Funeral Sermons is a collection of wedding and funeral sermons by David Padfield, Wayne Greeson, Harry Lewis, Brian Sullivan, Wayne Walker, Gene Taylor, and Robert Welch (PDF file size: 144k).

The Early Years Of Saul Of Tarsus. On the great day of Pentecost, Jews from throughout the Greco-Roman world traveled to Jerusalem to worship God (Acts 2:5-12). While Jews were found in every nation throughout the civilized world, anti-Semitism flourished. Among the nations of antiquity, no nation was ever hated as much as Israel. If Christianity were ever going conquer the world, then someone would have to bridge the gap between Jews and Gentiles. In the providence of God, Saul of Tarsus was selected (Acts 9:15; 26:12-18). This new book on focuses on Saul's Jewish roots (Phil. 3:5), his birth in Tarsus of Cilicia (Acts 21:39), and his education "at the feet of Gamaliel" (Acts 22:3). This book contains numerous color photographs from Tarsus of Cilicia (modern day Turkey). (PDF file size: 1.3MB).

Every Man Under His Fig Tree: Glimpses Of Life In Bible Times. This series of sermons draws valuable lessons for us from life in Bible times. The sermons include: 1) "Every Man Under His Fig Tree," based on Micah 4:4. It discusses the peace that only God can provide. 2) "The Potter And The Clay," based on Jeremiah 18:1-10, where God told Jeremiah to visit the potter's house and learn a lesson on how He deals with men and nations. 3) "Women Grinding At The Mill," based on Matthew 24:36-42. The lesson deals with the return of Christ. 4) "On The Doorposts Of Your House," based on Deuteronomy 6:4-5, which is the opening of the Shema, the fundamental creed of Judaism. 5) "What The Centurion Saw," based upon the centurion's confession that Jesus is the Son of God (572k PDF file).

Adorning The Word (Vol. 3), is a collection of more than 30 charts for use in church bulletins and overhead transparencies. Topics include: baptism, faith, abortion, growth, and the kingdom (PDF file size: 252k).

Adorning The Word (Vol. 4), is a collection of expository sermon outlines on Bible Characters. Contributors to this work include: Gary Fiscus, Wayne Greeson, Jeff Asher, Ron Roberts, Randy Blackaby, Rob Harbison, Terry Sanders, Wayne Walker, Larry Curry, Ed Dye, Gene Taylor, Carl Mullins and David Padfield (PDF file size: 252k).

Adorning The Word (Vol. 5), by David Padfield and Jeff Asher. A series of free sermon outlines in a very detailed format. 68 pages (PDF file size: 248k).

Adorning The Word (Vol. 6), this book contains nearly 30 detailed expository sermon outlines. Most outlines are in near manuscript format. Topics include: Soldiers of Christ; The Deity of Christ; The Compassion of the Pharisees; Forgiveness; Paul's Joy In Christ; The Mind of God; The Prodigal Parents; and many more (PDF file size: 360k).

Sermon Series On The Beatitudes, a series of nine expository sermon outlines from the preamble to the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12) (PDF file size: 156k).

God's Shepherds, a series of four sermon outlines on the eldership. These outlines cover every qualification for bishops, shepherds and elders, along with practical applications of the specific qualifications (PDF file size: 140k).

Why Are There So Many Churches? Twelve charts used in an initial Home Bible Study. Shows history of denominationalism and makes a plea for a return to New Testament Christianity (PDF file size: 104k).

Tolerance Without Sacrificing Conviction. Transcript of a lecture presented to 2,000 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, given at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 12, 2000. Muslims from throughout the world were present. The lecture gives a partial history of the city of Zion, Illinois and of it's founder, Dr. John Alexander Dowie (PDF file size: 120k).

Against All The Gods Of Egypt, a detailed sermon outline on the plagues Jehovah sent to punish the land of Egypt and her gods during the time of Moses. Special emphasis is given to showing how each plague was a direct insult to certain gods in Egypt (PDF file size: 596k).

The Truth About Mormonism, the largest of all American cults, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) has grown to a worldwide membership of over 11 million people -- yet it began in 1830 with just six members. This sixteen page booklet contains two sermon outlines on this cult (PDF file size: 264k).

The Gospel Armor, an expository sermon outline comparing the armor worn by Roman soldiers to the "gospel armor" that is to be worn by Christians. Includes photos of Roman military uniforms from throughout the Roman empire (PDF file size: 868k).

God And Government. Is it sinful for a Christian to serve in the military? This two-part sermon discusses the role of government and proves that it is lawful to service as a police officer or a member of the military. Two full-length sermon outlines in a 12 page booklet (PDF file size: 240k).

The Religion Of The Masonic Lodge, a very detailed sermon outline which explains that the Masonic Lodge is a religion -- a religion that is not compatible with the religion of Jesus Christ. The lesson explores the "secret" ritual of the Blue Lodge and the barbaric oaths that are taken at the Masonic altar (PDF file size: 292k).

The Suffering Servant, an expository sermon outline based on the four "suffering servant" passages in the book of Isaiah. From these passages in Isaiah we are given a view of our Lord's life and character in the days of His flesh, His tenderness as well as His power, and the great deliverance He would bring, not only for the Jews, but for all the world (PDF file size: 240k).

Sermons On Bible History And Geography

The Biblical City Of Antioch Of Pisidia. Around 50 A.D., the apostle Paul visited Antioch of Pisidia on his first evangelistic journey (Acts 13:13–14) and his first recorded sermon was preached there (Acts 13:15–51). This book is a detailed outline describing the city of Pisidian Antioch, its significance in Biblical times and its archaeological ruins. Includes several color photographs (PDF file size: 996k).

capernaum israelThe Biblical City Of Capernaum. A detailed outline describing the city of Capernaum, its significance in Biblical times and its archaeological ruins. Includes photographs and a map (PDF file size: 1.2MB).

The Biblical City Of Caesarea Maritima. This eight page booklet includes an outline on the history of Caesarea Maritima and the importance of this city in the New Testament. Also included are two maps and eight photographs (PDF file size: 496k).

The Biblical City Of Caesarea Philippi. A detailed outline describing the city of Caesarea Philippi, its significance in Biblical times and its archaeological ruins (PDF file size: 656k).

Matthew 24 And The Destruction Of Jerusalem. This article shows how the events described in Matthew 24 were fulfilled in 70 A.D. when Titus, the Roman general, destroyed the city of Jerusalem. Six pages, with map of Jerusalem (PDF file size: 212k).

The British Museum And The Bible. A four page outline detailing some of the relics from various Bible lands to be found in the British Museum (PDF file size: 275k).

Laodicea, Colosse, HierapolisThe Biblical Cities Of Laodicea, Colosse, And Hierapolis. In the New Testament, three churches in the Lycus River valley in Asia Minor sounded forth the word of God. Paul wrote an epistle to the church at Colosse and mentioned the brethren at Laodicea and Hierapolis. Laodicea was also one of the "seven churches of Asia" mentioned by John in the book of Revelation. Includes bibliography and several color photographs (PDF file size: 764k).

The Biblical City Of Ephesus. A detailed outline describing the city of Ephesus in Turkey (Asia Minor), its significance in Biblical times and its archaeological ruins. Includes several photographs (PDF file size: 844k).corinth, greece

The Biblical City Of Corinth. A detailed outline describing the city of Corinth, Greece and its significance in Biblical times and its archaeological ruins. Includes several color photographs (PDF file size: 700k).

The Destruction Of Tyre. Tyre, the famous Phoenician seaport, was located 20 miles south of Sidon on the Mediterranean coast. The prophet Ezekiel foretold the destruction of Tyre centuries before Alexander the Great cast the ruins of the ancient city into the sea (PDF file size: 164k).

The Biblical City Of Philippi. A detailed outline describing the city of Philippi, the first place Paul preached on European soil. Includes photographs and maps (PDF file size: 684k).