Sermon Outlines On Bible Characters

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Jesus Christ: The Son of God. One of the basic precepts of the faith we hold dear and the theme of New Testament preaching is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. An abundance of evidence exists which shows that Jesus Christ, as stated in Scripture, is the Son of God. This lesson presents some of that evidence (File size: 60k).

Jesus Christ: The Son of Man. Many have a difficult time reconciling the dual nature of Jesus while He was upon the earth, that He was both man and God. Yet, both natures, divine and human, can be found in Christ without a conflict between them. This lesson shows that Jesus was truly God in the flesh (File size: 72k).

Jesus Christ: The Sacrifice for Sin. Man is in need of a Savior because having committed sin, he is condemned as just punishment for it. Unless God acted to save man, all of mankind would perish. God's love was great enough to send His Son to make lost man's salvation possible. Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice for man's sins (File size: 56k).

What Job Teaches Us About Satan. A lesson about the nature and work of Satan, as seen through the eyes of the great Patriarch Job (File size: 47k).

What Simeon Saw. When Jesus was but 40 days of age, Simeon saw Him in the Temple. In Jesus, he saw salvation, fulfilled prophecy, light for the Gentiles and glory for Israel (File size: 120k).

The Example Of Philip. A sermon outlineon personal evangelism. From the life of Philip you can learn proper techniques to employ while teaching the lost (File size: 52k).

Myths About Mary. Mary was indeed blessed when God choose her to bring His Son into the world. This sermon outlines examines four doctrines about Mary that have been invented by the Roman Catholic Church (File size: 151k).

Mary: The Mother of My Lord. We often shy away from preaching on Mary because of the errors of Catholicism that surround her. Yet, there are many rich and valuable lessons that we can learn and apply from the life of "Mary: The Mother of My Lord" (File size: 52k).

Simon The Sorcerer. This former magician would have made a great "faith healer" on American TV — he had the same credentials as modern healers (File size: 125k).