Sermons On Living As A Christian

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Moving Forward. A five part series designed for use at the beginning of the year or some other time when renewal and recommittment are a paramount theme in the preaching. The series deal with challenges to face, enemies to defeat and opportunities to take as well as other themes. This series has been used by the author with good results in at least three different local church settings (PDF file size: 668k).

Sermons For Young People. Preaching to and about young people is often neglected in the pulpit. The Bible has many lessons and even entire books addressed to the young. Some of our most admired heroes from the Bible were in their youth when when they demonstrated greatness, zeal and spirituality. Sadly, some of the most wicked were among the young as well. This popular sermon series about young people and for young people has been expanded to seventeen lessons, including the title sermon: I Want My Kids to Know, plus Jesus, an Example for Youth, Seven Bible Drunkards, Young People that Pleased God and 13 more (PDF file size: 1MB).

The Days of Noah. Based Matthew 24:36–39 and I Peter 3:20 and the phrase "the days of Noah." What kind of days were they? How did Noah face his days? In that Jesus says our days are "as the days of Noah," what lessons can we learn that will be beneficial to us as press toward the Second Coming of the Christ? (File size: 156k).

For What Should We Pray? The privilege and benefit of prayer belongs to the Christian. When the child of God prays in faith assurance is given that God hears his prayer (Jam. 1:5-7; l John 3:22; 5:14–15). Prayer is not only the privilege of the child of God but the means of promised blessings (Matt. 7:7-11; l John 1:9; Acts 8:20-24). Furthermore, it is something we are exhorted to do "without ceasing"—that is, unceasingly, with habitual inclination, with vigilant attendance; something never to be abandoned for any cause (File size: 156k).

Ingratitude. Of all people, Christians should be the most grateful for they have the greatest blessings. Sadly, some who claim to be disciples of Christ are guilty of the sin of ingratitude. This sermon shows why ingratitude is a sin and offers reasons why the Christian should be grateful to God (File size: 44k).

Things Morally Right, But Religiously Wrong. Many people equate being moral with being a Christian. However, morality alone does not constitute the religion of Jesus Christ (File size: 126k).

Five Essentials For The Lord's Work. What would you cite as the great problem in congregations today? Moral issues? Marriage, divorce and remarriage? The list could be endless. One of the greatest problems is a lack of work and this lesson explains five characteristics of heart that every Christian must have to be an effective worker for the Lord (File size: 48k).

A Lost Generation. This lesson looks at the tragic decision of the children of Israel to follow the negative report given by ten of the twelve spies who had been sent to spy out the land of promise. It considers not only the reasons for their decision but also the consequences of it using them as an example to encourage God's people to remain faithful today (File size: 52k).

The Christian's Hope. Of all people who are living, the Christian is the only one who has true hope. This lesson presents and analyzes the hope of the Christian.

Sowing and Reaping. This lesson considers God's law of sowing and reaping to show there is a direct correlation between what is sown and what is reaped especially as it applies to those things which are spiritual (File size: 60k).

Compassion, Kindness and Forgiveness. The “new man” of Colossians 3 is to be continually developed after the likeness of the Lord. Three of the outstanding qualities and desirable attitudes presented in this passage and exemplified by the Lord are compassion, kindness and forgiveness (File size: 52k).

The Fruit of the Spirit - The Nature of God. Christians are to produce the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:21-22), that which evidences they are living for God. One becomes a partaker of the divine nature (2 Pet. 1:4) by producing the fruit of the Spirit because those things which comprise the fruit of the Spirit are, in fact, qualities of God (File size: 49k).

God Wants You To Be Happy. Happiness is not found by obtaining all that we desire or seeking to become someone different than we are (File size: 135k).

Lifting Up Christ. This sermon compares the way Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness (Number 21:4-9) to how Christ said He would be lifted up on the cross (John 3:14-15) (File size: 48k).

Making Wise Choices. This sermon from Joshua 24:13-15 shows the importance of making wise choices in life, such as choosing friends, employment and a marriage partner (File size: 52k).

Measuring Spiritual Maturity. This sermon discusses how to gauge spiritual growth and the marks of spiritual maturity found in the Bible (File size: 60k).

Not Of This World. With a text of John 17:14-16, this lesson shows what our attitude toward the world should be (File size: 52k).

Peace. This sermon explains how the New Testament uses the word "peace" and examines the things which destroy peace (File size: 52k).

Setting Proper Priorities. This sermon outline shows what happens when we emphasize the wrong things in life (File size: 52k).

Respect. This sermon shows why we must teach our children "respect" and the consequences when we fail to teach them (File size: 60k).

Worldliness. Sermon outline on how to determine what is worldly and what is acceptable before God. This lesson has a text of 1 John 2:15–17 (File size: 48k).

Contentment. With a text of Philippians 4:11–12, this sermon outline shows how Christians can learn to be content with who we are and what we have (File size: 56k).

Determination. The text is 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, and it explains what determination is and what we need to be determined about (File size: 56k).

Discernment. The text is Hebrews 5:12-14. This sermon outlines starts with the meaning and purpose of discernment and gives several examples of Bible characters exercising discernment (File size: 52k).

The Joy Of My Salvation. A lesson showing the importance of joy in the life of a Christian, reasons for losing our joy, and how to regain it (File size: 148k).

Teach Us To Pray. A study of prayer in the life of a child of God. Discusses how to pray and what to pray for (File size: 131k).